About Me + Accolades

A little bit about me

I am a Los Angeles based professional photographer.

My experience as a photographer started in the entertainment business photographing artists as diverse as Radiohead, Kat Dennings, Steve Buscemi and St. Vincent. I learned to tell a story in pictures (and to work with a variety of personalities!)

Over ten years ago I decided to expand my scope, also applying my aesthetic to wedding photography, and now I split my time shooting wedding, fine art and commercial work, which has taken me to numerous places around the world. Oh, and I am self-taught.

Yes I shot this!

My style has been described as timeless, real and kickass: Visual storytelling is the foundation of my wedding photography. I'm a fan of classic documentary photography with depth - the artful documentation of life's events, rather than trendy images where the technique speaks louder than the images.

I capture events as they unfold at their own pace and rhythm, rather than constantly interrupting it to take endless posed photos and detail shots. I find every part of a wedding interesting. (Yes, some details + posed pictures are also taken, but it is approached as a spice rather than a main dish.)

I prefer to highlight what makes each wedding different rather than each one looking identical. After all, they are all different!! From themed weddings to courthouse nuptials to epic destinations, my hope is that when people look at your wedding photographs, that they get a real sense of your personality, and of the people who were a part of the experience.

This is your first shared document as a married couple and I am thrilled to be a part of creating it.

I'm still in touch with many couples long after their weddings, and I have even photographed several bar and bat mitzvahs of their kids!! I am thrilled to be the person creating your first shared document as a married couple.

When I am not taking photographs for work, I can be found seeking out unusual music and art here in Los Angeles, and shooting and exhibiting my fine art photographs. And spoiling my cat. And of course spending too much time on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

I'd love to talk with you about your wedding photography! Please answer a few questions below so I can know more about your needs. Put as little or as much info as you want. :-)

Alternatively, feel free to call the studio at 323.666.2696.


Accolades / Testimonials

"Her work transcends the photo album and enters the arena of art"

Beth was the wedding photographer for our out-of-town wedding in Pennsylvania and gave us memories to last a lifetime. We live in Los Angeles and wanted something more authentic than the typical wedding package available to us in PA. Beth came along for the adventure, and was able to calm my camera shy bride nerves by her quiet and non-invasive approach. Her candid shots caught the most private and emotional moments between parents and kids, my new husband and I, and so many tender moments between our loved ones.

She found the humor in the traditions, and the beauty in simplicity as well as the more opulent aspects of the ceremony. Her work transcends the photo album and enters the arena of art. Compositions are creative, making everyone look their best, but unposed. Color and light palettes were magical in both color and B&W photographs. And those traditional posed family shots that all the elders wanted for their mantles - we managed to capture those as well, with fun, and everyone's personality shining through. We recommend Beth Herzhaft most highly, and look forward to many years of happy memories while paging through her photographs of our special day.

"An artist"

"I don't think of Beth as a wedding photographer. To me, she is an artist who happens to shoot weddings."


"The essence, the reality"

"There's going to be a point in your future, (and you don't know it yet) where you will want to look back and know what really happened on"That Day". Beth is the person that captures the essence of the wedding experience. It's a special skill called empathy and very few photographers have it.

It's the ability to capture the important thing. Not just the easy thing. You won't be able to put it on a list ahead of time (even if you had time for a list like that) That is exactly why you need someone like Beth - someone who has the sensitivity to capture that certain something happening off in a corner that "normal" people miss. But you're not normal are you? Why would anyone want to be?

And that's why you need Beth. Because you will remember the cake and flowers, the toasts and the dance, but what you will want, that future you, is to remember which one of your cousins was kissing the busboy behind the plastic ferns.


"A portrait in time of life being lived"

"Beth's photographs are a portrait in time of life being lived, not posed."

"A connoisseur of offbeat moments"

"Weddings are extremely important," says Herzhaft, a Los Angeles based photographer and connoisseur of offbeat moments who also works for the entertainment and advertising industries. "They are one of our few remaining social rituals." Photographing a wedding makes her feel like "a cultural anthropologist as well as an artist," Herzhaft says, and she's covered events ranging from the elaborate nuptials of movie moguls to quickie ceremonies at municipal courts.
The fact that weddings are filled with contrasts of solemnity and silliness captivates Herzhaft. "Weddings are complex," she says. "It's a deeper document when you photograph both the highs and lows of the wedding." (Brides Magazine)

From The Los Angeles Magazine Essential Guide to LA Weddings:

Herzhaft is a documentary photographer who appeals to "the open-minded and to the renegade children of socialites". She aims to capture the wedding as a sociological event. .... "It is an emotionally complicated event, and I like doing something multidimensional, not just have a record of who was there. ...


And lastly, a real (and really funny) comment from a very happy client while looking at their photos...

"Well at least someone had their sh*t together!"