* What is your style of wedding photography?

Low profile, natural reportage style that allows me to capture the subtleties, real emotion and unexpected moments of your event. My images are unstaged and honest. I keep direction to a minimum during the event, as illustrated in the images on the site.

If you would like posed shots, I am happy to do them! Just let me know in advance so we can schedule them in.

I started out as a film photographer, so I aim to retain the feel of film photography when processing digital images. In addition to shooting digitally, I sometimes bust out a few vintage film cameras, since this can be a nice complement to digital, and provides a more nostalgic look.

Weddings can also be shot with 100% film only. AQ

* Pricing and hours?

Customized wedding packages average between the $2,750-$4,500 in most cases, and the most popular choice is $3450.oo.  A choice of fully customizable packages is available. I also have a flexible system where hours or other items can be added or taken away. 

Alternatively, couples can build their own package by selecting items / hours a la carte.     


* Do you shoot engagement (or "anti-engagement") sessions? 

 Pre-wedding sessions are included in several of my packages or can be purchased on their own. It is a great opportunity for us to spend a little more time together before the wedding. 

 In addition to portrait sessions, I recommend more natural sessions (which I jokingly call anti-engagement) where I tag along and photograph an activity or place that you both love, which is an appealing alternative for those adventurous souls who want something different than posed engagement shots. 

 Portrait sessions (local) usually range in price from $400-650.  

* Do you edit the photos after the wedding?

Yes, this is a very important part of the process. After your wedding, I edit and optimize your images to produce a stunning edited and polished piece. I go through the images multiple times, getting down to the essential images that tell the story. At that point the images are then post processed.

This is actually where most of the "invisible" hours of my work happens.

* What does post processing include? 

Post processing, or image optimization, includes adjusting images for brightness, sharpness, color and saturation. It does not include retouching. If desired, retouching happens when the final book or prints are ordered, and is on a per image basis. 

 Editing is an extremely important component contributing to the look and feel of the images. This is why I discourage shoot-and-burn options.  

I work on jobs in chronological order to be fair to everyone. That being said, if you would like your image processing expedited, this can be done for an additional fee.

* Will I get all of the photos you shoot?

No, in no circumstances do I release all images shot. And I can guarantee that no one really wants this - closed eyes, in-between moments etc.  A very important part of what I do is editing down the many images shot into a coherent narrative. Photography is an art, and it is important to appreciate the difference between a thousand snapshots and 50 impactful, memorable photographs. (Yes you will get more than 50, but you get the idea).

* Why are photographers prices so different?

As with most things, experience is what you are paying for, along with the photographer's particular vision.  It is the difference between knowing you will have great images and hoping you get them from someone just starting out.  

* Do you offer discounts? 

If you are getting married in Paris or Tokyo I am happy to offer a discount. ;-)  Just kidding!  

But in all seriousness,  I am sensitive to budgets, and would love to craft something that is perfect for you.


Feel free to call the studio at 323.666.2696, or head on over to my email contact page.