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A Love Story

A love story in photos, unfolding over the years: Alfred Stieglitz photographs of Georgia O’Keefe….

From the Way Back Machine....

From the way back machine: Eric Clapton and BB King's Marry You single, on Warner Brothers Records, featuring a wedding photograph taken by yours truly!

I gotta say that is really is cool to hear the phrase "By the way, Eric really liked your photo" ;-)

This image (shot on film, natch) was taken in Long Beach, CA, and though that shot was planned, that really is the groom's motorcycle and they really were riding it at the end of the wedding.

One of my favorite wedding photos...

One of my favorite wedding photos.

Shot at Griffith Park right before a light rain started (no worries - there was a tent!)

The two sons were having a serious conversation right before the ceremony.

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