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Happy Anniversary Mark + Alexandra!

A very happy anniversary to Mark and Alexandra and I'm posting this throwback image of the vows! We all decamped to a lovely estate in Hellertown, Pennsylvania for the wedding.

More soon.... In fact I'm going to start a blog section devoted to anniversary posts from throwback weddings!

T+C - 11:11am - 11/11/11

This lovely and intimate ceremony took place two years ago at Lucques Restaurant in West Hollywood.  (I had photographed the wedding of Carolyn's sister several years previous on the island of Lanai, Hawaii, so it really was old home week!  Great to see everyone. 

Chef Suzanne Goin at the helm, and manager Matt keeps all the machinery invisible so it is one streamlined blissful experience  ;-)

 Happy second anniversary you two!

Care to see more in person?  Feel free to contact me - I’d love to get together and chat!