Evolution Of An Image

When it comes to image processing, getting from start to finish of conceptualizing how the key wedding images should be printed is an interesting process. Getting it right requires careful consideration (thinking carefully of how the images *want* to be printed), and also a certain dash of trial and error. It really is like looking for the right key for a lock to make images communicate in the strongest way...

I thought it would be fun to show the evolution of one of my favorite shots here (from Brit and Matt's garden wedding)

From first correcting the color and levels > converting to B/W, followed by making a platinum warm version > sandwiching the two pix and reducing the warmth significantly > painting in skin tones and highlights selectively > a darkening of the edges to bring subtle attention to the couple. (There were intermediate steps in addition to this of course, but this gives a good idea of the process)

(Event planning was by Emilia at Sweet Emilia Jane)

Et voila!