Capture vs Photograph

This is a photograph - It was taken with a digital camera. And even though it is comprised of pixels It, in my opinion, is not a "capture".

The use of this word is on the rise recently. I will often get the compliment "Nice capture!" And while I humbly appreciate ANY compliments, I wanted to take a moment to speak of the difference between the two in my opinion.

The word "capture" feels like just that to me: quick, cheap and with a short sell-by date. Definitely not something that one would come back to and think about or look at after a short time. Snaps taken with my phone are captures...Like this:

Mmmm, food truck! But I digress... To me, the word "photograph" has more weight and speaks of a certain amount of intention and forethought. Taking time to acquire knowledge and skill. Something that can be imbued with meaning even. "Capture" does not denote much meaning (to me at least). Even the idea of something being captured is unappealing. Is the word capture ever used to talk about photographs taken with film?

And while most photographs are not made to last, the words we choose to use color our perceptions of what we are talking about. Those words are an invisible guide instructing people how to perceive and respond. Do we really want to further chip away at the perception of artists at this point in time? 

 So that is what I think: A capture is not a photograph (and while on the subject: a piece of music is not "content") 

 I'd love to know what YOU think - It sounds like a great conversation to start. Please leave your comments below ;-)